Electronic fuel injection pump (FIP) test bench
Digital fuel injection pump testing and servicing (phasing and calibrating) machine

The performance of a diesel engine depends upon its fuel injection system. High quality ‘Advanced General Precision Limited’ test benches help you to calibrate diesel fuel pumps and injectors with absolute accuracy for optimum engine performance.

Advanced General Precision Limited

Since its inception under the able vision of its partners, Advanced General Precision Limited has come a long way in establishing itself as a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of diesel fuel injection test equipment. Today it stands as one of the most respected, recognized and valued names in this industry with clientele all over the world. The brand name ‘Advanced General Precision Limited’ (AG Precision) under which all our products are manufactured and sold is synonymous with high quality and accurate products which give trouble free service for years and years.

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Quality Control

All our Diesel FIP test benches are assembled using the best quality inputs of internationally renowned brands such as:

Benefits and Features

AG Precision Test Benches are vibration Free and very quiet in operation

• All models have high effective driving torque even at low speeds, they provide maximum measurement accuracy For setting all types of Euro I, Euro II, Euro III, Euro IV & Euro V pumps and injectors

• Our test benches have good even running characteristics, provide exact speed control, high driving power, high torque and have a stiff non – distorting bed, hence guaranteeing precise and accurate adjustment of pumps, governors, timing devices, etc.

• Have robust electronic controls with touch button control panel Rugged construction and user friendly design – While manufacturing our test benches we are observing and meeting ISO 4008 specifications

Other Quality Features

Special High Voltage Protection Device with Torque Multipliers for AC Drives

• Pump mounting bed is made all out of Steel

• Gear box gears are hard and ground made out of special alloy steel, two speeds with neutral position

• The main bed of our test benches is fabricated all out of steel which is tough and rugged, no cast iron is used which is Brittle

• All electrical wires and accessories are fire proof. All electronic simulators and instruments are calibrated with oscilloscope to get accurate results

• High Pressure Pipes are as per ISO specifications

• We take utmost care during machining & grinding of component – main shafts, gears, etc. are made out of alloy steels, which are hard & ground. All the moving parts like: Fly Wheel, Pulleys, etc. are well balanced. All bored & Reyed components are assembled with proper tolerances. Adequate power and torque with calibrated instruments are major factors responsible for accurate results