The performance of a diesel engine depends upon its fuel injection system. High quality ‘Advanced General Precision Limited’ test benches help you to calibrate diesel fuel pumps and injectors with absolute accuracy for optimum engine performance.

Founded in a humble garage in 1995, Advanced General Precision Limited® prides itself on its outstanding reputation as British’s leading manufacturer and supplier of test bench and measuring equipment.

Our prime focus is to work closely with customers to provide quality testing instruments. Whether from our standard product line or specialized testing machines, we endeavour to meet and satisfy to the highest degree. From fundamental technologies and machinery to the latest state-of-the-art scientific instruments and computer-controlled equipment, we can assist in a variety of field.

For over 25 years, we have been at the forefront of providing solutions to our customers that have been presented to us. We have proven reliability and consistency with quality, and we are proud of the reputation we have earned and look forward to your continuous feedback and support. We supply to the ever-growing international market, now with worldwide and we are also exclusive for various reputable international companies. Our management and staff consist of highly skilled and dedicated people ready to share their expertise.

We have both the knowledge and instruments to suit your specific application. We offer one of the largest ranges of testing machines along with custom CNC and fabrication, independent testing, calibration of instruments. Our solutions adhere to international quality standards including ISO and CE.

AG PRECISION Instrument's Journey

Over the years, AG precision Instruments has diversified and grown to cover manufacturing with the supply of testing solutions.

We have a global supply chain network with manufacturing plans in 4 countries (UK, Australia, India & USA) and suppliers in more than 36 countries across the globe. We believe in long-term relationships and co-creation of superior value along with our customers rather than focusing on sales. We have the capability to customize every product, starting from the design stage to the execution stage. With the help of a team of technical expertise, we provide lifelong expert support to assist you at every stage of the product life cycle. Based on the experience of our existing customers, we have received a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

AG PRECISION Instrument’s Clients

As an award-winning manufacturer, AG PRECISION Instruments proudly supply quality certified instruments & services to major global companies, universities, research organizations, and government bodies.

"All Electronic Simulators, FIP Calibrators & Computer Softwares are designed & developed as per customer requirements."

AG Precision’Test Benches Information Introduction

All our test benches have been designed for quick, accurate and economic operation with a quality target of zero defects. Our benches are capable of testing a wide range of diesel FIP pumps such as all types of lnline, DPC Rotary and Distributor/ VE pumps up to 12 cylinders. With our new range of multipurpose and dedicated common rail test benches one can calibrate and test the newer Common rail pumps and injectors as well electronic VE pumps/ EDC pumps, such as the Bosch VP series pumps, etc..